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The game Vo Than 3D prepares khổng lồ launch players. This is the development version of Vo Than Trieu Tu Long Smartphone released in Vietphái nam in 2017.

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Download Martial God 3D here

Martial God 3D is Tam Quoc sản phẩm điện thoại game hàng hóa, ARPG game genre. The game focuses on the system of famous lixng generals in the Three Kingdoms lớn make a squad combat role-playing game. The game will be released khổng lồ players right in the first quarter of 2018.

Continuing to lớn be the familiar Tam Quoc context, Vo Than 3 chiều makes the most of special details. Realistic re-enactment of classic battles in the Three Kingdoms such as Xich Bich, Dong Quan, Tiger Lao Quan or Quan Do. Players experience vivid battles as they participate themselves in the most important historical moments.


Vo Than 3 chiều owns a beautiful 3 chiều graphics platkhung inherited from the previous version – Vo Than Trieu Tu Long Smartphone. Not only gives players beautiful images of skill effects through heroic battles in Vo Than 3D game, but also impresses players thanks lớn the extremely realistic, sharp, simulated image of generals in the game. in the story.

With the traditional gameplay of Vo Than 3D, the player must have sầu strategic thinking và team formation. You must search & hunt for generals with mutual fate và cleverly assemble the team khổng lồ promote strength. The general system in Martial Arts 3 chiều is classified inlớn types of attachồng, defense, support … From there, players can freely combine but to lớn best suit.

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Activities in the game such as crossroads, ring battle, cross-hệ thống PK, guild fights, side search for raw materials … take place every day, hourly. Gamers will fall in love sầu with the activity & experience it constantly. Work hard lớn get more experience, items & equipment.

Vo Than 3D also has an tự động hóa feature that helps gamers hands-miễn phí and enjoy the landslide battle. You can choose the speed of the match, turn on / off the tự động hóa feature and you can play manually.


Vo Than 3 chiều is expected to launch players in March 2018. Game tư vấn for Android and iOS, play on PC through emulator software. This continues lớn be the hit sản phẩm after the version of Vo Than Trieu Tu Long Mobile.

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https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/vo-than-3d-phien-ban-moi-cua-sieu-pham-vo-than-trieu-tu-long-mobile-sap-ra-mat-game-thu- 30341n.aspx While waiting for launch, you can download và play a series of other HOT games today such as PUBG mobile or Lien Quan Mobie, in which PUBG mobile is a very HOT survival game on PC, appearing for the first time on sản phẩm điện thoại. , & Lien Quan điện thoại is too HOT, isn’t it.

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