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I’ve been a loyal customer of ******* for months since I liked the way it improves my libido,

but when I discovered Progentra, I just realized how lame my other pill was. Progentra was way way more potent than the one I usually take. Plus, my penis got an inch thicker – I wasn’t expecting that! Progentra is the real deal!

John D.
Orlando, FL

John D Progentra User Testimonial

You’ll never forget your first dose of Progentra.

It’s an insane kick that I would never, ever forget. Any man who has a slightly-larger penis would know that erections have varying intensities. The more intense your arousal is, the bigger your erection is. That’s exactly what happened with me after my first Progentra pill. I had no plans of buying a penis enlargement pill for myself since I already measure 7 inches, but because I want to be impressive in bed, I ordered one. I wasn’t prepared for how intense this was. After the first pill, I was hooked. I was pleasantly surprised when my 7-incher grew to 9 inches after taking Progentra for 3 months!

DeAndre S.
Seattle, WA

DeAndre S Progentra User Testimonial

I got a bottle of Progentra as a joke from my secretary.

I was retiring, and the people in my office thought that it was amusing to send an aging guy a pack of penis pills for his retirement. I did my research and found out more about Progentra. The more I knew, the more I wanted to take Progentra. I took Progentra daily, and I can already tell that it’s helping my mood and libido. My erections are more intense than ever, and I feel like I was 20 years younger. I couldn’t believe it. I called my secretary to let her know that I loved her parting gift. She’s in my hotel room now, wet with sweat, and tired with pleasure.

David T.
Las Vegas, NV

David T Progentra User Testimonial

I’ve seen a doctor regarding my erectile dysfunction problems,

and he has singled out that my lack of testosterone is causing my ED. We tried the blue pill, and although it works, it doesn’t feel as if I wanted to have sex. That’s where Progentra came in. I ordered a pill, and in just minutes, I felt like I was a young man fresh out of puberty. It was that intense. I never felt that young in 30 years. Progentra is awesome!

Robert K.
Lansing, MI

Robert K Progentra User Testimonial

I got Progentra for my boyfriend to help with his ‘limpy’ issues.

His penis suddenly gets flaccid in the middle of sex, and as you can expect – it has been very frustrating for us. After his first dose on Progentra, everything changed. It’s like we’re having sex for the first time again. We had sex till our bodies quit, and we’ve never had that. Now he’s taking Progentra every day, and I notice that his penis is getting bigger and bigger every week!

Kirsten D.
Dallas, TX

Kristen D Progentra User Testimonial

I have a confession to make - I’m the kind of guy that buys supplements then sends them in for a refund.

I bought Progentra with the intention that I would just try a few pills then send the rest for a refund. However, after trying Progentra out for a few doses, I knew that it was something that I could never live without anymore. Instead of sending in a return order, I placed another order for 3 more bottles. Thanks!

Martin T.
Denver, CO

Martin T Progentra User Testimonial

I’ve had many penis pills before, but I guess I’ll stick with Progentra from now on.

I just bought the pill because I thought that the Progentra price was way cheaper than the one I used to buy. It was the best ‘guess’ I ever made. Now, I take Progentra every morning, and my sex life has been nothing short of phenomenal. Progentra changed my sex life forever. Thanks guys!

Brad O.
Los Angeles, CA

Brad O Progentra User Testimonial

Placing my order for the 6th time this month!

Progentra is such a huge hit with the other guys in my dorm. I buy and sell Progentra and it got me a nice little income on the side. You can tell that the guys love this stuff, so I also took one for myself. NOW I understand why they love Progentra so much.

Jake S.
Boston, MA

Jake S Progentra User Testimonial

I’ve fantasized about having a bigger penis,

but I’ve learned to accept that it’s something that will never happen to me – until I got Progentra. I bought Progentra online since it was the only one that made scientific sense. I’m a nutritionist and I am completely convinced by the science of the formula. I knew I had to buy one. I tried out Progentra for 6 weeks, and I was pleasantly impressed by the effects. I’m now 2 inches longer, and with 6 more weeks on my order, who knows how big I’ll get?

Kevin P.
Baltimore, MD

Kevin P Progentra User Testimonial
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