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One quick read-through is all you need to learn that Progentra is unlike any other supplement in the market today. The Progentra price and technology is one of the best value-for-money options available for male enhancement, and the benefits of Progentra is set to redefine what customers think about male enhancement supplements.

Considering the immense benefits of Progentra, it’s no surprise that many expect the Progentra price to skyrocket, but despite what many expect, Progentra remains to be affordable without compromising its quality. Check out the rest of our science page to see what makes Progentra one of the best bang-for-your-buck supplements!

Progentra formula

The Progentra formula is unlike anything that the market has seen. The SYNER-BOOST formula is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the formula without increasing the risk for developing side effects. Progentra’s SYNER-BOOST technology is all about ingredient synergy. The idea is to select the right ingredients that are known to synergize with other pro-erectile ingredients to deliver the best results. This allows the formula to deliver the best results in terms of active benefits as well as passive developments in penis enlargements.

SYNER-BOOST technology delivers results never before seen in male enhancement supplements. As a result, there is an observed 250% improvement in absorption, 170% increase in duration, and 200% improvement in intensity. This comes at a reduced risk of side effects by as much as 95%.

Progentra not only pushed the boundaries of penis enlargement with the SYNER-BOOST formula; it laid out the gold standard for penis enlargement pills of the future. As the SYNER-BOOST formula is developed from the ground up, it is expected to raise the cost for development and distribution for Progentra, but with our commitment to bring REAL penis enlargement to more people, Progentra has kept its flexible and affordable buying options to keep Progentra prices low.

How Progentra Works

The SYNER-BOOST formula stems from the premise that each ingredient contributes to the improvement of another ingredient in the formula. Vasodilation is the key to achieve penis enlargement, and vasodilation is pushed to new heights by combining it with PDE-5 inhibitors, libido enhancers, and hormone stabilization agents.

Vasodilation helps increase the flow of blood to the penis. Over time, the cavernous spaces in the penis expand due to the increased volume of blood, which makes the penis longer and thicker in appearance. However, the effect of vasodilation would need months, if not years, to create a penis enlargement effect, and no one has time for that – which is why it makes perfect sense to speed up the penis enlargement goal by combining ingredients that would boost vasodilation.

PDE-5 inhibitors work by inhibiting cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase-5, which degrades cGMP – the compound responsible for vasodilation. Without ingredients that degrade cGMP, the effects of vasodilation are magnified, and lasts longer. With the combined effects of PDE-5 inhibitors and vasodilators, blood flows freely to the cavernous spaces in the penis, making it easier for the user to obtain and sustain erections.

Libido enhancers work by creating a systemic blood flow focus to the penis through the natural process of arousal. When a man is sexually aroused, blood vessels systematically contract and dilate to increase the pressure and amount of blood that flows to the penis, which results in massive erections. The increased volume and pressure of blood over an extended period of time would trigger the elastic tissue that line the cavernous spaces in the penis to expand, which makes the penis larger.

Here’s the stages of Progentra to achieve penis enlargement:

  • STAGE 1:
  • Fast-acting aphrodisiacs and PDE-5 inhibitors are absorbed by the body in just 30 minutes after taking
    the first dose. The effects of aphrodisiacs and PDE-5 inhibitors supercharge the user’s libido and
    enhances the intensity and hardness of the user’s erections.
  • STAGE 2:
  • Delayed-release aphrodisiacs and PDE-5 inhibitors remain active to ready the body for sexual activities
    for 24 hours. Vasodilator ingredients increase the flow of blood to the penis, setting the conditions for
    continuous penis enlargement.
  • STAGE 3:
  • While the user experiences an erection, the PDE-5 inhibitor ingredients enhance the effects of the
    vasodilators to maximize the amount of blood supplied to the cavernous spaces in the penis, which
    would trigger an expansion of penile tissue permanently.
  • STAGE 4:
  • Hormone stabilization allows the body to increase the instances of erections by minimizing the effects of
    the refractory period in the body to prolong and maximize the penis enlarging effects of the formula.
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