S6 edge và s6 edge plus

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plushas meant that điện thoại thông minh giants Apple & Samsung can now begin theirmuch-anticipated head-to-head battle for phablet ascendancy. But which supersized điện thoại thông minh will reign supreme? Wefind out in our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs iPhone 6 Plus comparison.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+vs iPhone 6 Plus: Design

The kiến thiết of theS6 Edge+has generally been well received, largely because ituses the same sleek lines that made its predecessor, theGalaxy S6 Edge, such a popular choice.

The biggest difference between the S6Edge+its older sibling is thescreen size: 5.7 inches rather than 5.1. Itdoesn"t have sầu the S Pen functionality of the Galaxy cảnh báo 5, but does have thecurved screen that"s also seen on thechú ý Edge và the S6 Edge.


The Edge S6+uses the same materials as its little brother too;an aluminum framewith glass on the front và bachồng. The rear camera is still protected by an aluminum frame. By contrast, the iPhone 6 Plus camera is angled & protudes from the frame slightly.

Apple"s plus-kích cỡ Model also boasts the same styling as its smaller version, with an all-aluminum body và more rounded corners than the Samsung. Its screen is not curved but there is acurved effect at the edges.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs iPhone 6 Plus: Display

The screen on the Edge S6+ comes in at 5.7 inches, with the screen on the iPhone 6 Plusmeasuring 5.5 inches. There is also some variation in the resolution: the iPhone offersfull HD resolution (1,080p), whilethe Edge S6+ offers QHD (1,440p).

Another difference between the displaysis found in thetechnologies that give images their brightness & color. Apple uses the IPS LCD, while Samsung optedfor Super AMOLED, as it usually does.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs iPhone 6 Plus: Special functions

Both phones can beunlocked using fingerprint recognition, which adds an extra level of security. điện thoại payment systems are mix to lớn be a big khuyến mãi in the future, so it"s a good thing thatboth of these phones already have the tech enabled. Apple Pay has already launched in the UK và is mix to arrive sầu in the US on October đôi mươi,while Samsung Pay should be available in the US on September 28. Read more about smartphone payments in our Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay vs Android Pay comparison.

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The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus also featuresa heartrate sensor, which has helped Samsung implement its S-Health program.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs iPhone 6 Plus: Software and performance

The Galaxy S6 Edge+comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop & all the customization possibilities that TouchWiz offers on other Samsung products. It will come with the same pre-installed apps as the S6, including the cloud service from Microsoft SkyDrive sầu, S-Voice and S-Health. As one of Samsung"s flagship devices, it is almost certain khổng lồ receive sầu Android M as soon as it is released.

The Apple offering currently works with iOS 6 Plus 8 and will be upgradeable khổng lồ iOS 8.4 and 9 when they becomeavailable. The new iPhone 6s Plus has 2 GB of RAM, double that of the iPhone 6.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+vs iPhone 6 Plus:Camera

The S6 Edge has enjoyed a reputation for having one of the best cameras on the market và the new kid on the Samsung bloông chồng will also come fitted with a 16 MPhường rearcamera & a 5 MPfront camera.

The iPhone 6 Plus camera is also well regarded, even though it only has a resolution of 8 MP.. Read a more detailed assessment of the iPhone 6 camera vs the S6 camera at the liên kết.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+vs iPhone 6 Plus: Battery

Samsung has often boasted about the longevity of the battery life in their phablets andthe S6 Edge+will have sầu a 3,000 mAh battery.

At 2,750 mAh, the iPhone 6 Plus"sbattery seems khổng lồ be very slightly worse,but its lower screen resolution và less-demanding processor shouldbalance out the difference. Both devices should be able to lớn last for a full day without a charge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus: Specs table

16 GB – €799

64GB – €899

128 GB – €999

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+vs iPhone 6 Plus: Availability & price

Apple launched its phablet in September 2014 and priced it at €799 with a 16 GB memory và internal storage. It is available in gray, silver và gold. Rumors persist that Apple will release a new iPhone Model, possibly called the iPhone 6S Plus, later this year, andperhaps even as early as next month.

TheGalaxy S6 Edge+ price is yet to lớn be confirmed (the device wasonly officially a fewdays ago), but itis expected to be between €799 & €900.Pre-sale is expected to start on August 21 và the phablet should hit stores on September 4.

Which phone do you prefer? Will you be buying either? Let us know in the comments.