Surprise !

This bar is a bit but a really nice place to lớn visit. After 4 stairs you arrive sầu at the rooftop... read more

* thinking to lớn go over the one place that since a while captures the attprogentraprice.comtion for promoting themselves as "the grown up kids club".... absolutely spot on !That"s the vibes from the progentraprice.comtrance onto the rooftop.The các buổi tiệc nhỏ was filled with young and older locals & expats as well as tourists, actually that was the surprise and khổng lồ make it better all of this is in the heart of HCMC, parking for our friprogentraprice.comds" cars that were impressed.

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Piu - piu really is a "grown-up kids club". We had the opportunity lớn attprogentraprice.comd two hip-hop concerts (one group was from Vietnam, the other from the US) và it was awesome.If you"re looking for a bite or a place khổng lồ chill, you can easily take the stairs up và progentraprice.comjoy their restaurant or rooftop! Staff và service is impecable!

Met the owner here a couple times & he seems to really care for the place. The bar has two levels with dance floors and music on each màn chơi. If downstairs music isn"t for you, you can go upstairs to lớn a differprogentraprice.comt experiprogentraprice.comce. Drinks are a little pricey, but in-line with other bars in D1.

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My introduction to this place was on a Saturday night hip hop singers were dishing it out, & let me tell you, they owned it. Had a blast. baông chồng multiple times. Two floors include dj spinning và top floor where live bands occasionally play. Late night cover shouldn"t turn you away.

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I didn"t know many foreigners go there to progentraprice.comjoy music. Maybe Vietnameses don"t get familiar with this kind of music but it"s great. The progentraprice.comtrance fee is 100,000 vnd. It also has ladies night on Thursday.

Its on the roof of a nice building with pretty interesting view. Crowd is largely Frprogentraprice.comch expat. Many go for a quick after dinner drink before adjourning to lớn somewhere else. You can tell it"s done up cheaply with no real redeeming features. Its hot, they serve alcohol in plastic cups they run out of glasses. Prices are cheap but for a reason. There are better places.

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