Creepy stories of Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai High School 

There’s hardly any city or province in Vietphái mạnh that doesn’t have sầu stories about dark histories, strange sounds, or paranormal sightings in local schools. From shadowy figures sliding down the corridors to lớn disappearances of school stationery, schools are where some of the creepiest stories take place.

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Among those is a story that brings us to Nguyễn Thị Phố Minh Khai High School in Saigon, one of the oldest education institutions in the country.

Read on to find out more about paranormal events that happened in the school.

Nguyễn Thị Đường Minh Khai High School was founded in 1913

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Founded in 1913 during French colonial rule, Nguyễn Thị Phố Minh Khai High School was originally named Collège de Jeunes Filles Indigènes

As the original name suggested, this was a prestigious all-girls’ school for local students of different ages.

In 1950, local authorities changed the school’s name to Gia Long Girls’ High School after Emperor Gia Long. 

Gia Long Girls’ High School in 1966, photo lớn taken by Douglas RossImage credit: manhhai

Baông xã in the day, all students were required to speak French at all times, và anyone caught speaking Vietnamese would be punished. 

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At the height of the anti-colonial climate in the late 1940s and early 1950s, a great number of students at the school initiated and joined citywide patriotic movements.

After 1975, the school was renamed Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai High School and converted into lớn a co-ed high school. 

One century has passed since the school’s inauguration. The school leaders have sầu managed to combine its historic heritage with modern developments & convenience. 

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The overall appearance of the school và its buildings have barely changed at all, even though a modern swimming pool has been built và classrooms are better equipped.

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Nonetheless, the sense of modernity that envelopes the school seemingly can’t chase away the ghosts of the past.

The spooky stories that happened here

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After the school’s name was changed to Gia Long Girls’ High School in 1950, students were required to lớn wear purple áo dài as school uniforms. 

For this reason, the school was later called the school of girls in purple áo dài (ngôi trường đàn bà sinc áo tím). This fond nickname is still popular among local students until today. 

Not only is purple áo dài a symbol of the school, but it’s also the name of the school’s most famous ghost story – a purple áo dài-wearing girl in the clock tower.

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Legkết thúc has it that this school has many ghosts, và the most famous of them is one of the students who committed suicide in the clochồng tower. 

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“I heard from my seniors that a student, who went lớn school here a very long time ago, took her own life in the cloông xã tower because of exam pressure. She died wearing her unisize, which was a purple áo dài. The school management organized a worship session for her after that. However, for some mysterious reasons, many students have sầu reported seeing a ghost at the clochồng tower. Because I’ve heard too many creepy stories about the cloông chồng tower, I feel chills down my spine every time I look at it,” – a student shared.

According khổng lồ many students here, the cloông xã tower has remained locked và off-limits for as long as anyone can rethành viên.

Nonetheless, the clock tower is not the only place where students have sầu reported seeing paranormal sightings.

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Many have sầu reported hearing creepy sounds coming from empty classrooms and the humming tunes inside vacant restrooms.

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According to lớn former students here, the passage that connects blochồng A và bloông xã B also has its fair tóm tắt of mysteriousness.

“Rumor has it that if you walk down that passage in the evening, whether or not it is lit up, you must not reply if you hear anyone calling you from behind. What you should vày first is to turn around, in case you don’t see anyone, run for your life. Run as fast as you can & don’t reply if you hear the hotline again. If you do, you’ll sort of go missing from then on,” a student named Trinc An Tien shared.

Well, none of that could compare lớn seeing your friend’s doppelganger. 

Image credit: Tran Minch Dung

A student shared, “When I was in grade 11, I was assigned morning duties at a block facing Dien Bien Phu Street. Everything went smooth-sailing until my final day. It was early in the morning và everything was still dark. During my shift, my friends asked me lớn come upstairs lớn play with them. I let them go first. When I went up, I didn’t see anyone. I called & nobody toàn thân replied. I thought khổng lồ myself that maybe they had gone downstairs so I went down again looking for them. 

A while later, I heard that my friends were punished by my teacher for messing around too loud. I felt lucky that I wasn’t with them in the first place. All of a sudden, my friover asked me why I didn’t get punished even though I was also there messing around with them. I was shocked and told them that I was downstairs waiting for them & not involved in their playful activities.

My frikết thúc insisted that I was also there with them. Another friover even said that she heard me screaming và having fun, which was absolutely not true. After that incident, I never went to that block again.”

Image credit: Thảo Bube

This student is certainly not the only one making such a decision, because this block also gets a bad rap aước ao other students. As surreal as it is, some students have sầu reported seeing doppelgangers và hallucinations when they were at the bloông xã.

“My seniors warned me lớn never approach the three staircases at the block between 6PM-7AM, & 12PM-1PM. The reason for this superstition is that you might see hallucinations,” Trinch An Tien shared.

Stay tuned for more creepy stories about Nguyễn Thị Phố Minh Khai High School

The supernatural world is a realm that can’t be seen by everyone or explained in detail. Some people may be fated to lớn see certain things when they’re at the right place at the right time. Some, meanwhile, can’t invoke paranormal sightings no matter how hard they try. 

Therefore, let’s treat these stories as a source of information khổng lồ enrich your knowledge about the school & the city. 

There are still many spooky stories about Nguyễn Thị Đường Minh Khai High School that we’ve found on the Internet, from a teacher talking with a deceased student lớn the mysterious sound of an invisible person walking in the passage. Hopefully, we can collect, edit, and bring them lớn you in another article. 

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