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Strip Club In Orlando

January 8, 2017 – My wife have sầu been married about 3 years and had never been khổng lồ a strip club together until about a month ago (she had never been to lớn one at all until about a month ago). We made Rachel’s our third in a month! We also visited clubs recently in Vegas và Atlanta.

I had read some of the reviews of clubs in Orlanbởi vì và decided Rachel’s seemed like an upscale joint that my wife would enjoy. However, I expected khổng lồ be disappointed because of the no mileage experience & pasties. I had never been to a club where the girls wore pasties.

We got to the club around 9pm on Saturday night. Had no problem finding a cozy table in the corner.

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The bar service was extremely good. Our waitress was occupied by a rowdy group of businessmen & but we got service from a xinh đẹp little brunette (who I thought was the hottest girl in the club và my wife commented on her ass). She told us she wasn’t assigned khổng lồ our table but she would take care of us. We were there only a few minutes before the brunette helped us out. We had great service. Beers were $7 và my wife was drinking wine for $11.

I was surprised by the lack of pushy girls. I had read some of the other Review & expected for us lớn have sầu keep reeling girls no. Instead, we were ready for more girls to lớn come talk to us.

We got a couple of dances. Hotkiểm tra thing I have seen in awhile. Wasn’t expecting this experience in Orlanbởi (& wasn’t expecting my wife khổng lồ be so frisky herself!).

We had a lot of fun. Didn’t try the steakhouse but the menu looked pretty impressive. The pasties turned out not to be a big giảm giá khổng lồ me. They were pretty translucent và you could still see the nipple.

Here is a little secret!!! Text GoRachels lớn 41411 from your cell và they will skết thúc you không tính tiền admission & a miễn phí drink text. Overall, had a fun time even with Orlando’s strict rules. Had even more fun when we got baông chồng to lớn the hotel!