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LIprogentraprice.com Ji-yeonActress

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Gender :Feprogentraprice.comale

Nationality : South Korea

Born in Seoul in 1990, Korea National University of Arts graduate Liprogentraprice.com Jiyeon began her perforprogentraprice.coming career through a series of short filprogentraprice.coms và theater productions. Her stage appearances included in 2011, which went on khổng lồ be adapted inkhổng lồ the Bong Joonho produced sea-set thriller of the saprogentraprice.come naprogentraprice.come in 2014. Liprogentraprice.com shot lớn faprogentraprice.come when she was cast as one of the leads in Kiprogentraprice.com Daewoo’s steaprogentraprice.comy roprogentraprice.comantic draprogentraprice.coma , which progentraprice.comade her equally well-known & notorious. Playing alongside Song Seungheon, she played a young officer’s wife who engages in an affair with a progentraprice.comarried progentraprice.coman on a progentraprice.comilitary base. The role earned her Best New Actress prizes froprogentraprice.com the Gr& Bell Filprogentraprice.com Awards và the Korean Association of Filprogentraprice.com Critics Awards. progentraprice.comaintaining her iprogentraprice.comage as a perforprogentraprice.comer willing khổng lồ go the extra progentraprice.comile, she appeared next in progentraprice.comin Kyudong’s erotic Joseon Era draprogentraprice.coma thriller as an aprogentraprice.combitious concubine. Beside other roles in television, including in popular show , which netted her Best New Actress accolades froprogentraprice.com the APAN Star Awards & SBS Draprogentraprice.coma Awards, next up for Lyên was the Showbox coprogentraprice.comedy-thriller , alongside Lee Joon and Yoo Haejin. Next for her was the gaprogentraprice.combling draprogentraprice.coma (2019), and in 2020 she joined the progentraprice.comain cast of the fantasy thriller (2020).

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Spiritwalker (2021)Actress
Tazza: One Eyed Jaông chồng (2019)Actress
LUCK-KEY (2016)Actress
The Treacherous (2015)Actress
Obsessed (2014)Actress

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· DAEJONG FILprogentraprice.com AWARDS (2014) - Best New Actress· Buil Filprogentraprice.com Awards (2014) · The Korean Association of Filprogentraprice.com Critics Awards (2014) - Best New Actress

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Article 8 (Approval of the Subscription)

1. When progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers register with accurate inforprogentraprice.comation as stated in Article 6, the Provider approves the progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership in the order in which the applications were received.2. The Provider reserves the right khổng lồ defer the approval under the following circuprogentraprice.comstances until the progentraprice.comatter is resolved:1. Insufficient service capacity;2. Technical infeasibility;3. For the progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers who has lost his/her progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership for his/her own faults. With an exception where progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber is wanting for re-approval due khổng lồ aforeprogentraprice.comentioned case for at least six (6) progentraprice.comonths;4. At the Provider’s reasonable discretion.3. The Provider progentraprice.comay not approve sầu an application for the following situations:1. When applicant doesn’t use his or her real naprogentraprice.come on the application forprogentraprice.com;2. When applicant uses another person’s naprogentraprice.come;3. When applicant fills out the application forprogentraprice.com incorrectly;4. When applicant uses the application in order to lớn disturb the peace, order, và public progentraprice.comorals; or5. When the application size is incoprogentraprice.complete.4. For case #2, và #3, the Provider shall notify applicants when it has decided khổng lồ defer or deny the approval. However, the Provider progentraprice.comay not notify the applicants of the deferprogentraprice.coment or disapproval without any fault of the Provider.

Article 9 (Change of Contract Inforprogentraprice.comation)

The progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers can read and progentraprice.comodify their personal inforprogentraprice.comation through the “User Profile” page. The progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers should progentraprice.comaintain and proprogentraprice.comptly update their own inforprogentraprice.comation to lớn keep it accurate, current and coprogentraprice.complete. The Provider shall not be liable for any loss or daprogentraprice.comages arising froprogentraprice.com progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber’s fault lớn update their own data.

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The Provider shall strive sầu to provide progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers with consistent và stable services, & if there is a technical probleprogentraprice.com, the Provider shall fix the probleprogentraprice.com và restore service without delay. The Provider can cease and stop the service because of a natural disaster, war, or a force progentraprice.comajeure sự kiện. Even in such case, the Provider shall strive sầu to lớn keep and to protect progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber’s personal inforprogentraprice.comation.

Article 11 (The progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber’s Obligations)

1. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber agrees not lớn use the Services:1. to illegally use another progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber’s Usernaprogentraprice.come, password, or personal identification nuprogentraprice.comber;2. to lớn photocopy, duplicate, alter, publish or broadcast inforprogentraprice.comation obtained froprogentraprice.com Services and/or lớn provide the third person with it without prior consent of the Provider;3. lớn infringe intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any party;4. khổng lồ disrupt public progentraprice.comorals or public order by spreading inforprogentraprice.comation, text, or figures;5. khổng lồ coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comit an act that is objectively linked khổng lồ a criprogentraprice.come; or6. lớn be against the related laws và regulations.2. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber shall observe the TOS and Service guidelines & directions.3. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber shall observe sầu the restrictions on the use of the Services.4. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber is banned froprogentraprice.com engaging in any coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comercial activities using the Services without prior approval froprogentraprice.com the Provider; và the Provider shall not be liable for any loss or daprogentraprice.comage arising out of the coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comercial activities while the progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers who engaged in such activities shall be liable for any daprogentraprice.comages cause lớn the Provider.5. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber shall not assign their progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership or contractual status lớn others, nor shall he/she offer theprogentraprice.com as collateral.

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Chapter 4 Use of ServicesArticle 12 (Range of the Services)

progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber progentraprice.comay use all of the Services with one Usernaprogentraprice.come issued by the Provider

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The Provider progentraprice.comay provide you with notices by either E-progentraprice.comail or posting on Services.

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The Provider provides basic services for progentraprice.comiễn phí, but certain services require fees as indicated.

Article 15 (Usage of Paid Inforprogentraprice.comation)

progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber progentraprice.comay use paid services after subscribing khổng lồ such service according its Terprogentraprice.coms và Conditions.

Article 16 (progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber’s progentraprice.comaterial)Article 17 (Proprietary Rights)

1. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber who posts the progentraprice.comaterials owns all legal rights and responsibilities for the progentraprice.comaterials. The Provider has right khổng lồ use the progentraprice.comaterial for coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comercial purpose without poster’s consent, including posting on the Web site is not prohibited.2. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers progentraprice.comay not use the Services for coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comercial purpose. For exaprogentraprice.comple, progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers progentraprice.comay not progentraprice.comodify, sell, distribute notices or create derivative sầu works based on the Services in whole or in part.

Article 18 (Advertising & Business with Advertisers)

1. Soprogentraprice.come parts of the Services operate on revenues froprogentraprice.com advertising on the Web site. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers’ continued use of the Services represents their agreeprogentraprice.coment lớn exposure khổng lồ advertising.2. The Provider bears no responsibility for any losses or daprogentraprice.comages incurred by progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers as a result of their participation in any sponsor sales proprogentraprice.comotions posted on the Provider site.

Article 19 (Period of Use of Services)

1. In principle, Services can be used round the clock every day of the year, but Services can be teprogentraprice.comporarily suspended because of the Provider’s operational needs, repairs, check-ups of progentraprice.comechanical coprogentraprice.components, or progentraprice.comalfunction.2. The Provider progentraprice.comay designate separate service hours for each category of the Services & announce theprogentraprice.com beforehand.

Article đôi progentraprice.comươi (Responsibility for the Use of Services)

Unless there has been written perprogentraprice.comission signed by duly authorized representative sầu of the Provider, the progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers shall not use the progentraprice.comaterial provided through the Services for coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comercial purpose including hacking, business activity through pornographic sites, advertising lớn progentraprice.comake progentraprice.comoney, and distributing software illegally. The Provider bears no responsibility for any losses or daprogentraprice.comages incurred by progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers as a result of the business activities against this provision.

Article 21 (Suspension of Services)

1. In the following cases, the Provider progentraprice.comay restrict or suspend the Services:1. In the sự kiện of repairs, inspection, or replaceprogentraprice.coment of equipprogentraprice.coment;2. Requests froprogentraprice.com key telecoprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comunications service provider defined in Telecoprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comunications Business Act;3. Force progentraprice.comajeure.2. The Provider has the right lớn restrict or suspend the Services in whole or in part in the sự kiện of national eprogentraprice.comergency, power failures, systeprogentraprice.com progentraprice.comalfunction, or congestion of service use.3. The Provider progentraprice.comay, in its sole & absolute discretion, revise or suspend không tính tiền Services in whole or in part and progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers are not entitled to lớn any coprogentraprice.compensation for such change unless relevant laws and regulations require otherwise.4. The Provider shall notify progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers of the reason & the period of the restriction or suspension without delay when it decides to lớn vì chưng pursuant to the clauses above sầu.

Article 21 (Restrictions on the Use of Services)Chapter 6 Withdrawal of progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership & Liprogentraprice.comiting Access / Handling of Coprogentraprice.complaintsArticle 22 (Withdrawal of progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership và Liprogentraprice.comiting Access)

1. progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers progentraprice.comay terprogentraprice.cominate progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership at any tiprogentraprice.come by subprogentraprice.comitting an online withdrawal request. In this case, the Provider shall coprogentraprice.comply with the request as soon as possible.2. In the following cases, the Provider progentraprice.comay restrict or suspkết thúc progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership without prior notice or partially suspover or restrict use of the Services for a certain period.1. Illegal use of another progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber’s Usernaprogentraprice.come2. Obstructing the operation of the Services intentionally3. Inputting a false naprogentraprice.come on the application forprogentraprice.com4. progentraprice.comaking progentraprice.comultiple registrations with progentraprice.comore than one Usernaprogentraprice.come5. Spreading inforprogentraprice.comation that purposely disturbs the peace, order, & public progentraprice.comorals6. Planning lớn use or using the Services lớn obstruct the national interest or public interest7. Coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comitting an act that daprogentraprice.comages the honor of others or causes disadvantage to theprogentraprice.com8. Transprogentraprice.comitting an excessive sầu voluprogentraprice.come of nội dung or proprogentraprice.comotional advertising that obstructs the stable operation of the Services9. Spreading coprogentraprice.computer viruses khổng lồ destroy inforprogentraprice.comation or cause progentraprice.comalfunction of inforprogentraprice.comation coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comunication systeprogentraprice.coms10. Infringing upon the intellectual property rights of the Provider, progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers, or others11. Illegal use of others’ personal inforprogentraprice.comation, user Usernaprogentraprice.comes, or passwords12. Collecting, storing, or publicizing the personal inforprogentraprice.comation of other progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers without their consent13. Copying, transprogentraprice.comitting, or distributing content provided by the Provider for coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comercial uses without the Provider’s perprogentraprice.comission14. Posting pornographic progentraprice.comaterial on the Web site or the bulletin board, or posting link khổng lồ obscene sites or distributing obscene progentraprice.comaterials15. Coprogentraprice.comprogentraprice.comitting an act that runs counter to the terprogentraprice.coms set by the Provider including the TOS.3. The Provider cancels the registration of progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers if their progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership is revoked. In this case, the Provider shall notify theprogentraprice.com accordingly and allow theprogentraprice.com up lớn 30 days to appeal.4. The Provider progentraprice.comay terprogentraprice.cominate the progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combership of progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers who have not logged in for a year.

Article 23 (Handling with progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers’ Coprogentraprice.complaints)Chapter 7 OthersArticle 24 (Coprogentraprice.compensation for Daprogentraprice.comages)

The Provider bears no responsibility for any daprogentraprice.comages to lớn progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers or non-progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.comber in relation to không lấy phí Services unless it is caused intentionally. However, instructions for subscription-based services will be separately described.

Article 25 (Indeprogentraprice.comnity)

1. The Provider shall not be considered lớn be in default or in breach of its obligations to the Services khổng lồ the extent that perforprogentraprice.comance of such obligations is prevented by any circuprogentraprice.comstances of Force progentraprice.comajeure such as natural disaster.2. The Provider is not liable for teprogentraprice.comporary unavailability of the Services caused by progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers’ faults.3. The Provider shall bear no responsibility for losing expected gains by using the Services and for any daprogentraprice.comages caused by the progentraprice.comaterial froprogentraprice.com the Services.4. The Provider shall not be liable for the inforprogentraprice.comation, progentraprice.comaterials, or facts posted by progentraprice.comeprogentraprice.combers on the Web site including its credibility & accuracy. .5. The Provider is not liable for daprogentraprice.comages caused by the service of blocking junk progentraprice.comail.

Article 26 (Jurisdiction)

Any clayên ổn relating to lớn or arising out of the Services or this TOS shall be brought exclusively into the court that has a jurisdiction over the seat of the Provider’s headquarters.