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This is an excellent news. Uri Park Bo Gum has finally gotten a heroine. It’s so bad for my heart, worrying which actress with zero acting skills may be cast against hyên. I could not be any happier 16 soon to be 17 years old Kyên ổn Yoo Jung has confirmed khổng lồ play the female lead of upcoming KBS drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

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She is not my number one preference (Klặng So Hyun is and also because Bo Gum openly said he wants lớn work with her), but she is my second—YES! I believe sầu they will make a đáng yêu and beautiful couple, & most importantly, Klặng Yoo Jung is a veteran in sageuk. I like that this character will be challenging for her since she is playing a man, which is different to lớn her previous roles, where the lasting impression I have of her is the pretty, graceful or elegant young lady.

To be honest, I did not object to lớn the news of Kim Go Eun as Ra On, but I understand why the negative sầu feedback, since Ra On is not supposed to lớn look manly. On several occasions, the characters in the novel have sầu doubted that she is too beautiful to be a man. But most importantly, she has big eyes in which Crown Prince Hyomyeong is attracted lớn. Hence, if the scriptwriter is lớn stick to lớn these conditions, then Kyên ổn Go Eun is a no-go, & Kyên ổn Yoo Jung will be perfect. I like that Yoo Jung is younger than Bo Gum, và she is of the right age as Ra On, as they are both 17 years old. It is just a pity that So Hyun và Bo Gum once again miss out on working together, but both have long years ahead of them, so I vì not believe they will never ever get a chance khổng lồ work together.

Kim Yoo Jung plays Hong Ra On, a girl who disguises as a man & gives out love sầu advice. One day, a client (whom she helps writing love letters) tells her the lady he admire requested to lớn meet. In fear of his lies getting exposed, he begs Ra On lớn reject the lady in his stead. Turns out it was Crown Price Hyomyeong who asked for the meeting; he is curious of the man capable of conquering the heart of his sister—who is cold và difficult lớn impress. Pffft~ like brother like sister. Hyomyeong knows right away that Ra On is not the man who likes his sister; however, did not expose her. He asks her to lớn become his person, lớn which she misunderstood as being his lover. Bwahaha.

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Somehow two trusted old eunuchs of Crown Prince Hyomyeong got wind of his interest on Ra On, & they plotted together to lớn lure Ra On inlớn the palace. They meant well và are worried for the prince since they are retiring & can no longer serve the prince. One of the eunuchs approaches Ra On & offers her money, which she desperately needs to cure her younger sister’s illness. I am quite disappointed that there is nothing refreshing about Ra On’s background, or the reason of the how or why she enters the palace.

Once inside the palace, she is immediately targeted by the higher rank eunuch, who tries to bully her. However, our heroine is cheerful và optimistic, and she has a frikết thúc named Kyên ổn Byeong Yeong looking out for her. He is Hyomyeong’s best friend, and is also intrigued by Ra On. He is a man with very few words, và his motlớn about Ra On is always along the lines of “this troublesome dude.” I wonder who will be playing him.

Hyomyeong và Ra On eventually bump inlớn each other in the palace, & he introduces himself as Lee Yeong (his birth name), concealing his true identity because he knows once she finds out he is a prince, she will not dare khổng lồ look straight inkhổng lồ his eyes & speak boldly as she has been anymore. They become friends, but Ra On tries lớn keep a distance since she still thinks he is homosexual. After an accidental kiss between the two, Hyomyeong begins to avoid visiting his best frikết thúc & Ra On, but he misses her a lot when he does not see her.

Tee hee…


I love sầu it, even though the story is not something new. Some parts come across like the sageuk version of Coffee Prince, but I think it will be better. Bo Gum can emote really well with his eyes, so it will be enjoyable watching hlặng being torn and confused by this feelings for a eunuch. Plus I love the idea of seeing hyên play the strict, cold & authoritative sầu prince, which he hasn’t played a character lượt thích this before—and the closest would probably be his character in Wonderful Days. I can see hyên nailing it 80% in my head, và I am dying khổng lồ see him/them in sageuk costumes. Can’t they release the official poster now, or tomorrow?

I suppose with Kyên Yoo Jung as Ra On, the drama adaptation will take on a PG-13 classification, so we may not get lớn see hot kisses from Bo Gum le Taekie-style, but surely Yoo Jung will agree khổng lồ innocent pecks or lips-touching-lips kiss with Bo Gum? I don’t know if she has ever done kiss scenes (since I haven’t seen all her works), but if I have sầu to lớn thảm bại my first onscreen kiss khổng lồ an actor, I won’t hesitate losing it to lớn Bo Gum—at least I can be 100% sure that he will be a complete gentleman và not kiss me with bad breath. Wait, I just remember Mooryên School is catered for younger audiences, but they have steamy kisses… okay, I don’t buy the young excuse now, LOL!

Now what’s left is who will play Klặng Yoon Sung, the second male lead, và the one who completes the love triangle. AsianWiki has put Yook Sung Jae’s name down as Kyên ổn Yoo Sung, does AsianWiki knows something we don’t yet? Will I see the news tomorrow that Yook Sung Jae also confirm?