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Here are the ingredients of Progentra:

Progentra Ingredients

How does Progentra work?

When it comes to the science behind Progentra, the concept is simple, but the execution is complex. The idea is to combine ingredients that are proven to work together, but the synergy behind these ingredients is more complicated than it sounds.

Each ingredient can be categorized as either pro-erectile, libido enhancement, or hormone stabilizers. Each category plays an important role in ensuring penis enlargement for the user.

Pro-erectile ingredients help improve the blood flow to the cavernous spaces in the penis. These are nitric oxide boosters and PDE-5 inhibitors that work synergistically to prolong the effects of vasodilation in the body. Through vasodilation, an increased amount of blood flows to the penis, which contributes to penis enlargement.

Vasodilation alone could not create bigger erections. However, by combining vasodilation with the natural process of an erection, not only the volume of blood is increased, but the pressure as well. When a man experiences sexual arousal, the blood vessels contract and dilate systematically to increase the blood pressure to the penis, which results in an erection. With the increased volume and pressure, the blood would make the elastic tissue in the cavernous spaces to expand, which creates a permanently bigger penis.

What makes Progentra different?

There are a lot of supplements that carry some of the ingredients included in Progentra, but only Progentra has the right blend of ingredients that would result in penis enlargement. No other product has dedicated years of research into finding the right formulation to make penis enlargement a reality. With Progentra, you are not only ensuring that your investment in the product is safe; you are making the best decision for your sexual health.

You might be surprised that the Progentra price isn’t as expensive as the other male enhancement supplements on the market today. The reason is simple – Progentra is able to market itself without spending heavily on advertising and endorsement deals. We got to this point with just word-of-mouth recommendation through honest reviews and real results, and as we go further, Progentra will eventually be a household name similar to the most popular male enhancement drugs we know today.

Progentra is the perfect product for you!

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